In every larger office, the data is often collected manually by Excel and often sent to other departments via e-mail. But is simultaneous working possible? And what if the data needs to be revised?


Who is responsible for data entries and changes:

  • Which user entered what?
  • When?
  • And how? (Via Excel data import, File import, etc.)

Email notifications

Setup email notifications:

  • Automatically sent after a workflow step
  • Dynamic email content with variables
  • Backlinks to forms and masks

Custom statuses

Data records can be assigned customised statuses such as:

  • Open
  • Closed
  • Accepted
  • Under review


Workflows without language barriers:

  • Recognizes the users language
  • Multilingual lookups

Progress overview

Work progress can be determined at any time:

  • What still needs to be done?
  • What's already been done?

Setting the status

The status can be set either manually or automatically:

  • Manual: The user can easily change a status in a web interface by mouse
  • Automatic: For example, after a successful Excel import
A usage example for setting up workflow component with email notification