Apparo Fast Edit

  • Company-wide collection of data:
    with quality & traceable

    Data entry integrated in your reporting system

  • Define powerful commenting including workflows

    Importing Excel data with quality checks

Replace unmaintable Excel sheets with Apparo

You have a lot of office workers who have to enter/change data regularly?

Sometimes they forget to deliver or they change the data format?

Problems with data errors?

Do you also collect data in Excel files because the development of an app would be too costly?

Wouldn't it be better if you could create such an App with just a few mouse clicks and fully integrated in your
IBM Cognos Analytics
, Qlik Sense/Cloud or Microsoft Teams environment?

Easily without technical know-how.
With 100% data quality, security, and traceability?

100% Integration into your BI system

Apparo allows to embedd comment-, workflow-, data entry apps in reports and dashboards

Overview Apparo & Qlik Sense/Qlik Cloud

Overview Apparo & IBM Cognos Analytics

Linked in Microsoft Teams
Teams members start business-specific Apparo applications with a mouse click

Cloud service or on premise - your decision


You decide,

local installation or using the cloud?


Success Stories



Apparo as an integrated part of a third-party solution.


As a combined solution of
Business Intelligence & Apparo.


As solution completly made with Apparo only.

Stand-Alone ... for everyone

The Stand-Alone has an own portal and own security system.

This version doesn't need a BI system.

Planning with Apparo

Apparo allows to create your own planning solutions.

Input Forms

Apparo allows to create various input forms with just a few mouse clicks.

Data Quality

Apparo ensures the quality of the entered data.


Wrong numbers? Never again...



With Apparo the right users are seeing/changing the right data only.

You can define what groups of users can see, change or delete.

Traceability - knowing everything


Apparo offers auditing and history of data changes.

That means you can follow all data changes of all users.



Powerful Excel interface

The user selects an Excel file for import directly in a web browser.
The user selects a number of Excel rows and imports them with copy & paste in a web browser.
Automatic file imports from a freely definable file system directory
Just send an eMail with Excel attachments

In The Web Browser

All data or all selected data?
It's up to you.

Via Script

Stores exported files on server side/send eMails


Apparo stores your data in your own relational databases.


Apparo is supporting all common relational databases like MS SQL Server, Oracle,  IBM DB2, Snowflake ...



Apparo supports tablets and features like input by voice



Data Entry Workflows

With Apparo you can easily create multi-level workflows.


Always have the overview, connect different departments, across borders & languages, nothing will be forgotten.

Document Management
Attach Excel or Word files to your data and access the files using a web browser - world wide including security.



Making decisions in Cognos reports
Extend your own Cognos reports with a decision-making functionality.

The user can use it to make a selection that is also permanently saved.
Without Programming
No programming skills are required, but SQL skills are helpful.


You can define Apparo Business Cases in the same way like defining reports.


Add optional business logic using JavaScript and SQL, using triggers, calling batch files.


Your business must be flexible?

Apparo too.


Time costs money, which is why we developed Apparo to be flexible. You can customise and adapt the software in no time at all.

No programming skills necessary.

Multilingual & International
Support of different languages. Example: English and French lookup texts lead to the same data result.
Your Corporate Design

Adapt Apparo to the existing corporate design with just a few mouse clicks.

Uniform design creates a familiar look & feel and increases user acceptance.
Integration Into Your IT Environment

Uses existing databases & security system.

Running with Windows Server, IBM AIX or Linux, for 10 or for 5000 users.


"Apparo Fast Edit optimises recurring data entry, replacing complex and error-prone Excel files."






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