This page will provide you with some examples of the benefits enjoyed by Apparo Fast Edit clients.

Apparo Fast Edit is exceptionally flexible, allowing clients across all sectors to save time, money and resources.

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Centre national des œuvres universitaires et scolaires

Student services provided by French universities

Founded in 1955 with the aim of improving students’ lives and working conditions, CNOUS heads a network consisting of 28 regional centres (CROUS), 16 local centres (CLOUS) and over 40 specialised offices that provide services directly to students.

Before they discovered Fast Edit:

CNOUS utilised a whole host of applications (HR, finances, specific business applications, etc.) to manage all their business activities.

The old solution was partially based on Excel tables with VBA scripts – the data administration alone proved to be extremely time-consuming.

There was also no metadata for integrating referenced data into an enterprise data model. As such, they were looking for a solution that would transcode the data and store it in relational databases.  

The client’s goals:

Goal 1: A solution that’s easy to use for everyone

Goal 2: Improved performance and data quality

Goal 3: Simplification of data communication

Goal 4: The option to analyse data throughout the various systems

It was also important for the client to be able to integrate data from existing applications when creating business views.

The Apparo Fast Edit solution:

  • Full integration into IBM Cognos (portal, security, SSO)
  • Introduction of an enterprise metadata model without influencing the source systems
  • An easy-to-use, intuitive user interface
  • The project was implemented within just three weeks, from the initial specifications to launch.


      Raiffeisen International

    IT environment:

    Monthly data collection and preparation (Microsoft SQL Server)

  • Approx. 150,000 data points per month
  • Data uploaded in several cycles per day
  • Cognos as the primary reporting tool
  • Monthly/quarterly management reports (printable)
  • Charts and dashboards (online management information tool)
  • Data quality reports
  • Documentation (product catalogue, financial information)
  • 17 markets in Central and Eastern Europe


  • 15 banks, 18 leasing companies and other financial services (asset management, pension funds, etc.)
  • 61,969 employees
  • 65 contributing departments
  • 250 users
  • Before they discovered Apparo Fast Edit:

    Manual document creation:

  • Any comments or text required in the document were incorporated using screenshots taken from existing reports
  • Communication via Excel and CSV flat files
  • Error reports and feedback on data quality were collected using Excel
  • Management of master data and control parameters:

  • Within SQL tables
  • No front ends, no validation
  • The Apparo Fast Edit solution:

    Online document creation:

  • Text and comments can be added directly to the report
  • Single source of truth: various departments can add comments to the same report
  • The Cognos report serves as a handout and presentation medium
  • Screenshots and manually created documents are no longer necessary
  • The document and Cognos report no longer need to be manually synchronised
  • Excel and CSV flat files are no longer required for communication
  • Data quality management:

  • The results of data validation (error lists) are provided in Cognos reports
  • Those responsible for data can record every error directly in the report; flat files no longer need to be sent
  • Data recipients (controllers) can accept or reject comments directly in the report and assign due dates for correct delivery
  • ‘Friction loss’ in communication is a thing of the past
  • Statements about the current level of data quality can be made more quickly
  • Management of master data and control parameters:

  • Front ends without Cognos reports (business cases and BC groups)
  • Related tables can be consolidated into BC groups
  • Look-up and drop-down elements ensure data integrity
  • System can be adapted quickly and easily
  • Specialist development tools (Java, VBA, etc.) are not required
  • Summary:

    Increased efficiency

  • Documents no longer need to be created manually
  • Various departments can add comments to reports at the same time
  • Speed

  • With the elimination of screenshots, reports can be created more quickly
  • Presentations no longer need to be created in PowerPoint
  • Increased quality

  • No discrepancies between the document and the latest version of the report
  • Single source of truth in cross-departmental work
  • Data integrity more easily ensured during the master data and parameter control management process
  • Geographically dispersed data collection

    Users at 200 different locations collect data on hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, doctors and various other subjects with a total of 20 applications. Data is sent to the headquarters as Excel, Access or Word files or by fax and then entered into the database. It takes approximately 14 days for the data to appear in the database.



    Alternative: In-house development. Programming the 20 applications would cost about €400,000 and require specialist expertise.


    The benefits provided by Apparo Fast Edit: No expenditure associated with outsourcing. Quick implementation. Users can define masks and customise them on their own. Exceptional data quality and immediate application availability.


    Complaints processing

    A company that manufactures air conditioning systems and sunroofs utilises ReportNet software to analyse data. Complaints and production defects are recorded using Fast Edit and Cognos. Users do not need to switch to other entry applications, resulting in greater flexibility and faster response times.


    The benefits provided by Apparo Fast Edit: Approximately 200 development days saved, higher data quality. Improvements to the production process can be implemented immediately. Users can create new applications on their own.


    Adding comments to reports

    A call centre company provides office managers and team leaders with monthly reports featuring annotations.  Users can add comments and clarification to cost allocation reports, accounts and figures. The comments are evaluated using Cognos8.


    The benefits provided by Apparo Fast Edit: A savings of four person-days per month, quick availability of report comments, fast response times, improved comprehension of figures.


    Real estate management

    A company uses Excel for its real estate management needs (planning data). Several phases of review and data entry, followed by integration into the database and analysis. The data is then further revised in Excel and again imported into the database.


    The benefits provided by Apparo Fast Edit: Process shortened by several person-days, considerably higher availability, fewer errors.


    Employee surveys

    A company conducts employee surveys among Cognos users. The questions and answers are recorded and displayed using Apparo Fast Edit. The results can be analysed immediately.


    The benefits provided by Apparo Fast Edit: No survey programming necessary. Savings of approximately 30 person-days a year. Reduced costs.


    Supplier evaluation

    A vehicle manufacturer evaluates its suppliers to create supplier ratings. Master data is entered into approximately 200 tables. Former solution: Excel with macros. Problem: time-consuming data consolidation with a high degree of error.


    The benefits provided by Apparo Fast Edit: Integrated solution, higher data quality, savings of approximately ten person-days a month.