Apparo Fast Edit is a program for data entry and extends existing business intelligence systems .

The software is entirely web-based and runs on an application server, users only need the Internet Explorer.

Apparo Fast Edit is divided into three components:
  • Business Cases (frontend)
  • Designer (backend) and the
  • Databases with your business data, and the Apparo repository


What is a "Business Case" ?

The cornerstones of Apparo Fast Edit are Business Cases (= data entry forms/ interfaces).

A Business Case is a small program, which can be started within the business intelligence system. It is defined in the Apparo Designer.

A Business Case includes so-called widgets. These are for example: text fields, search fields, logos, lookups, headings, buttons and features such as data insert, delete, Excel import and so on.

A Business Case is based on one database table / view, the "target table". From these it reads and stores data. You can freely define the target table, the table of each Business Case can be located in completely different relational databases, eg IBM DB2, Oracle, MS SQL Server, etc.

A Business Case is defined within minutes and it requires no in-depth technical knowledge.



Example Business Case

What can a Business Case do?

With numerous modules you can customize the Business Case to fit for your individual needs. In contrast to pre-programmed solutions, a Business Case can be easily adapted to changing requirements.

A Business Case can also launch external programs or scripts and can be dynamically created through the use of different types of variables.

Feature overview (selection):

  • Filtering of data input and output, and verify the input in different ways (eg, accuracy, validity)
    • Importing of (Excel) files, or highlighting and copying of the Excel data using copy & paste
    • Access control, defining data in- and output depending on security groups
    • Data security with auditing and history feature (all data changes are recordable in various detail levels)

More information is available >>here<<


What is the "Designer"?

With the Apparo Designer you create and define the Business Cases.

You define in the first step the connection to the database and immediately get a mask of the target table, you can customize it without expert knowledge.

The Designer has a switchable online help. This gives you for every feature a short text explaining the functionality.


Apparo Designer, Widgets

A brief architecture overview:

This can be illustrated by a three tier architecture.

Tier 1 is the web server (IIS, Apache or IBM IHS) and the Apparo gateway

Tier 2 is the application server (Tomcat)

Tier 3 your databases with the business data and the Apparo repository, a database scheme, which manages all of the definitions of the Business Cases.


Delineation to 'planning software' for example IBM TM1

Apparo Fast Edit requires no additional OLAP database, you don't need complex specialist knowledge of ETL or DML.

Apparo Fast Edit writes the data into the same relational database that contains your business data, and can be immediately associated with the business data.

Business Cases can be called directly from the portal or from a report.
It can also transfer data from the report to the Business Case.

Standard features such as auditing, historizing, etc., can be activated by a mouse click - no programming skills are required.