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mandantenSecurity is always a relevant and sensitive topic.

With Apparo Fast Edit you will always have full control.

When we talk about data security, then we primarily have the questions: Who is allowed to see what data, who can change data, enter, delete or import.

Security groups give you the detailed control of all features on several levels:

  • Who can start data entry applications
  • The behavior of data input elements (e.g. read-only, hidden)
  • Security group based data output filters
  • What user groups are allowed to run scripts or database procedures
  • and much more...


Supported Security Systems

Apparo Fast Edit uses the existing security system of your business intelligence system.
The authentication in the standalone version is handled optional in a system with Windows domains and Active Directory.
This has the advantage that you can use the existing security groups and don't have to define everything new.