Advantages and applications of Apparo Fast Edit



Web based

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Master data management

Stammdatenpfl_Datenqualitaet_01Users don’t have to be IT specialists to understand the system. After all, isn’t it the users themselves who should be managing the data?

The IT department is often responsible for managing master data and data quality, not because they’re familiar with the content, but because users find the software too difficult to use.

But this task in particular requires the expertise that only the business users can provide.

Apparo Fast Edit allows users to manage and correct the data themselves – without the need for IT support. The data input or import from Excel can take place in the familiar environment, such as in a Cognos or Business Objects report.

When it comes to larger volumes of data, we recommend using Excel, which allows you to easily and quickly correct any number of data records.

Thanks to Apparo Fast Edit, the copy and paste feature makes saving Excel data directly in the database simple, convenient and fast.