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Planning with
Excel & Apparo
Fast Edit


Importing Excel data
using copy & paste


It’s a situation we’re all familiar with: you have an Excel file with 20,000 rows of data which urgently needs to be saved in a database.

As is often the case, various data quality errors occur: a few data records are erroneous and can only be corrected by the users themselves.

It goes without saying that the IT department has a wide range of effective tools at its disposal, but the users are not qualified to use them. If an IT technician imported the data, they would lack the specialist knowledge required to correct data errors.

The solution is called Apparo Fast Edit:

Apparo Fast Edit allows users to open any Excel file, highlight the Excel data to be copied and, using the copy and paste feature, import it into a database – of course, only if they have the necessary authorisation.
The Cognos Excel import or Qlik Excel import allows your users to import data into relational databases in the familiar environment in a very simple way .

There’s no limit to the amount of data you can import.

Import Excel data via file or as shown in the following video using copy&paste.