Advantages and applications of Apparo Fast Edit


Why make it complicated when it doesn’t have to be?

With a system as versatile as this,
an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface is essential.

Training courses are usually expensive and difficult to organise.

Lots of products fall short in terms of usability, as they’re often too complex. Excel is one of the most popular softwares worldwide and with good reason.

Apparo Fast Edit is optimised for flexibility:

  • Suitable for numerous departments, even those across borders and multiple languages: English, German, French, etc.
  • Ideal for high user turnover, fluctuations, holiday substitutes, etc.
  • No need to install software, thus avoiding technical problems
  • As such, Apparo Fast Edit users only see the necessary buttons and relevant data records, ensuring an exceptionally clear overview. The designer, which is used to define new processes, features online descriptions of every setting, thus eliminating the need to consult thick handbooks.

    The user interface is simple and self-explanatory. If users are already familiar with the business intelligence system, Apparo Fast Edit is simply like an additional feature.

    A similar look and user interface ensure high user acceptance.

    Starting with Version 3.0

    Depending on his security role/group, the designer user is experiencing a different user interface for the creation of Business Cases.

    Express Designer

    The Express Designer comes without complex and confusing functionalities.
    The average user is versed in the usage of MS Office products and familar with different user interfaces.

    Using the Express Designer every staff member can design Business Cases on his own and add basic functionalities like Excel import & export.
    The online help can be switched on and delivers explanations and examples for every feature, users don't need the manual.

    Professional Designer

    With the Professional Designer are all features available to the user.
    Since many features are very powerful, the Professional designer is recommended only for experienced users.

    Exclusive features contained in the Professional Designer:

    • Some types of variables (JavaScript variables, SQL variables)
    • Calling of database procedures and functions
    • Usage of scripts, executable files, Java classes
    • Security groups based filtering and functionalities

    With the Professional Designer users can create very complex business cases and workflows, but a certain amount of IT knowledge is required.