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Data entry
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Easy to


Data entry within reports


Reports can only supply data. Why is that?

More often than you’d think, report data serves as a source for other user applications, be it simple comments or more complex entries.

These days, all higher-quality business intelligence systems offer the usual comment functions, such as adding a short text to a measure. Unfortunately, these functions can only be accessed internally within the BI system and are therefore really only good for printouts, turning your BI system into an isolated application.


With Apparo Fast Edit, your data can be saved in databases defined by you, providing unrestricted use to …

  • the business intelligence system itself in the form of reports
  • any of your IT systems that have access to the database

    In this way, users are provided with numerous options for responding to reports, including the following:

  • They can select the products that have specific handling requirements
  • They can enter handling instructions, which can then be further revised
  • They can create a list of clients who need to be written to
  • The possibilities are endless.

    Data entry e.g. in IBM Cognos or Qlik reports & dashboards:

    Users select a data record from a report by clicking on a hyperlink. Apparo Fast Edit then provides the appropriate data based on the data record selected.

    Users can then get to work importing Excel data, manually correcting data, etc.

    For example, planning data can now be conveniently defined – using Excel as usual – but with all the advantages of your business intelligence system.