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Besides the classic partnership, the sale of licenses and consulting, there is another way:

The integration of Apparo Fast Edit in your own products, or creating solutions based on the Business Cases.

At this point, we introduce two partners.

Impact IM presents:

Impact Smart Vision: Impact digitalizes INK A3 worksheet with Apparo Fast Edit and Cognos!

In The Netherlands governments and governmental organizations are striving for continuous improvement of their services and a more efficient use of budgets and resources. The degree in which a government has its targets in picture on a strategic, tactical and operational level and looks after the realization of these targets, defines it’s capabilities to enhance the quality of its services and to improve the cost benefit ratio.

A great deal of the Dutch governmental organizations use a Dutch management model (the INK A3 model) to manage the process of continuous improvement of services and a more efficient use of available means. An essential part of the INK A3 management model is the consistency between vision and results throughout the entire organization. You can watch over this consistency on the INK A3 worksheet, which acts as guideline for the entire organization.

Unfortunately most organizations are struggling with the translation and connection of the corporate A3 worksheet towards the units and teams. On top of that, they are often working with Word and Excel to produce targets and a planning and to follow their progress.

The undesirable  consequence of this, is a great deal of sub administrations and fragmented outcome whereby the strength of the INK A3 management model gets lost in a chaos of different facts and figures - but no information which helps you to manage better results. 

Impact has now introduced Impact Smart Vision, an application based on the INK A3 management model, which facilitates organizations to formulate their mission, vision and targets. Impact employed the strengths of both Apparo Fast Edit and Cognos to realize Impact Smart Vision. With this solution we integrate the important information where it belongs: directly within the already existing management information system. In the digital INK A3 worksheet, managers and team leaders translate the available concern targets into targets on their own level. Each target is directly linked to a so called result area and each activity to an organizational focus area to implement consistency.


For organizations which are familiar with the interface of Cognos, Impact Smart Vision is easy to implement and maintain. On top of that you can integrate your already existing Cognos reports as measuring instrument for critical success factors. By doing that you create the cohesion on which the INK A3 method is based.

Impact Smart Vision features an easy to use user interface to import plans, targets and activities. Thereby the Board, management and team leaders can focus easily on actual targets and results of their areas of responsibility. Furthermore they are able to check  any moment if targets and results on another level in the organization link and contribute to the interest of the organization as a whole.

Impact introduced Impact Smart Vision last summer. The municipality of Emmen has implemented the application already, the municipality of Vlaardingen will start in november 2015.


You can benefit from our network.

This section will provide you with an overview of our business partners who strategically work with Apparo.

Our partners support clients …

  • in projects
  • with training courses
  • and also provide them with the necessary licences

  • Apparo Fast Edit is a high-performance supplement to

  • IBM Cognos BI
  • Qlik
  • environments.

    A standalone version based on single sign-on (SSO) is available for Windows and doesn’t require an underlying BI system.

    Apparo Fast Edit is suitable for both smaller projects and larger systems with up to 1,000 named users.

    Apparo Fast Edit increases user productivity and opens up new applications.

    Example applications:

  • Flexible commenting options and data revision within reports
  • Complex and flexible data entry workflows and document management
  • Management of data, including master data and email distribution lists
  • Manual entry of planning data, labels, facts and figures
  • Importing larger volumes of data straight out of Excel
  • Adding comments to labels and reports, further revision and workflows
  • Evaluating data quality and correcting erroneous entries

  • Apparo is looking for Apparo Fast Edit consulting and sales partners


    Simply contact us and discover new opportunities in licence sales and consulting in the business intelligence sector.

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